I have decided to set up a second blog. I love writing, even if nobody reads what I write. And I don’t want to confine myself to medication-assisted treatments, as this blog was intended when I started it 15 years ago. Current visitors may notice that my latest string of posts started at one link on a different web page, then moved to another link, then came to this site. How confusing!

I’m not certain where I’ll spend most of my time. Writing about too many things is having too many masters. Frankly, I sometimes feel all talked out about addiction, and now that the forum is up and running I might answer questions there more often. I don’t know how much time I’ll have, now that I’m back at work (hurray!!).

The Other Homer

There was this guy named Homer. No, a different Homer. My kids would know more about him, as I was a biology major. But according to Wikipedia he was, supposedly the most infuential writer of all time because they THINK he wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey. They THINK. Each of those stories is divided into 24 books!! And he didn’t sign his name at the end? Seriously?

Anyway I was thinking of that phrase about having too many masters, and trying to write about my personal demons, observations, etc, and also commenting on buprenorphine. Homer, who wrote two stories, each divided into 24 BOOKS, had this to say about the topic: “If you serve too many masters, you’ll soon suffer.” That’s it. That’s all he could come up with. But it took 48 books to say all the other stuff on his mind. Makes you wonder.

At this point the new blog, called DrJBlog for obvious reasons, is not up and running. I’m writing this now hoping that someone will see it and remember where I went. Please visit me there; not right now because it still has an ugly pink header and there is nothing else to see. But maybe in a week or so?

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