In this blog’s early days in about 2008, I posted almost daily. I was prescribing buprenorphine more and more, and so impressed by the medication’s actions that I had much to share. Some readers liked those types of posts, as they could be read in 3 minutes, rather than the long posts I often write now.

I’m working on part two, and then part three, of the description of my work with methadone. This was a rough week; I was hit with a virus that had me sleeping most of Wednesday and I’m still worn out. Rather than write, I kept busy by reading some of my favorite blogs and listening to my favorite podcasts.


I’ve already shared some of my favorite financial podcasts, including MacroVoices and Financial Sense. I like those for two reasons: they both seek out guests with opinions different from those of the host, and both have significant free content, including interviews with a range of expert on energy policies, green energy, international politics, etc. It is interesting to me that all of the issues across the world — health, hunger, economics, energy, politics, etc. — merge with finance at some point. Each of those issues, in every region of the world, then intersect and impact each other. It all reminds me of my early fascination with biology.

I enjoy reading sources from independent writers — politically independent writers. It is hard to believe anything from either side of the aisle these days. I saw an interesting movie last night called ‘Vengeance’ — which emphasized the differences between people and where that can lead. I’ve mentioned that my son lives in Brooklyn, one daughter is in Wisconsin, and another daughter is in Arizona… so visits to my kids allow me to experience the Right, the Left, and the Middle of this country. Everyone should spend more time listening and understanding, and less time thinking that they know how the other half thinks.

My son in law just drove up in a new Tesla. Can’t wait to go for a spin, even though I don’t think electric cars will solve any of the emissions problems facing us…

Where was I? Check out the new show produced by Glenn Greenwald, on Rumble. Greenwald was a long-time left-of-center journalist who left the Intercept (which he founded) because of disagreements over the early coverage of the Trump administration. But even better, the show is hosted by Russell Brand. You know — the guy from ‘Get Him to the Greek’. They are going to do the news each night during the week, and it promises to be an interesting show.

Grandkids waiting…

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